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HIS now has access to the OverDrive ebook platform with the Sora app! Through this app you can borrow ebooks and digital audiobooks collected and shared by several international schools in Vietnam, as well as books purchased just for the use of HIS students and teachers.

Go to the Elementary or Secondary tab to see ebooks and audiobooks that are available for those students.

Go to Sora. [On your phone or tablet you'll need to install the app.] Click on "Find my school" and choose HIS under the Vietnam Schools Consortium. Sign in with your HIS Google account. Look for a book. Borrow to read or listen on your laptop, phone or tablet.

HIS LIbrary Mission

The HIS Library  provides a physical and virtual space as part of the inclusive, compassionate learning environment of HIS. The Library strives to support and enrich the curriculum; to empower the students as users and creators of knowledge; to support and encourage lifetime reading habits; and to engage the students in the process of lifelong learning as international citizens.

Destiny Discover!

Destiny Discover - The New Online CatalogueDestiny Discover

OR search the "classic" Destiny catalogue here:


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